I Switched Beds with My Dogs

I had been in bad days until I slept on my dogs’ bed.

When I saw my two dogs sleeping in their bed with some chasing games in their dreams, I wished I were a dog like them.

I was not able to solve the problems in my life. I even thought it was better if I couldn’t wake up from my bed one day.

However, I never see my dogs getting up unhappy from their bed. Probably it is where the magic comes from.

So, I decided to switch beds with my dogs.

Thankfully, I found the magic of life there.

Got up early.

I got up at 7 am.

I used to get up around 9:30 am. So, it was early.

I’ve read a lot of How-to-get-up-early articles, none of which made me really get up as early as the dog beds did this time.

Since I got up early, I tried to benefit from the extra time as I read from the articles.

Unfortunately, none of them worked.

I didn’t get a productive day; I didn’t feel less pressure from work; I didn’t find the time and energy to work out; I didn’t feel I was ahead of everybody else…

However, I got something else.

I didn’t have to do my reading in the noises of saws and blowers; I saw the man with the best car on my street drove to work first; I saw a wonderful scene of a beautiful girl running with her dog; I saw my old neighbor kindly pushed my trash bucket from the street back to my driveway; I found my coffee tasty, for the first time.

Finally, I realized that the benefit of getting up early is very personal. For me, it’s simply that I see a different life.

Alert to the surroundings.

I took it for granted for years that dogs are alert. No “Whys” ever came into my mind until I slept on their bed.

I could hear the expansion of the wooden floor when the heater was working. I could hear the friction of the screws in my bed when my dogs were tickling. I could hear the wind when it was blowing through the gaps of the window. I could hear the footsteps of my dogs when they were reaching their bowl for water…

I could hear anything around, when I was sleeping.

I realized that I could be as alert as dogs if I put my ears as close to the ground.

If I were able to catch as many details as I did on the dog bed, I shouldn’t have made those mistakes in my work, I shouldn’t have disappointed my wife, and I shouldn’t have hurt my friends so many times.

Have to choose to warm one part of my body.

I couldn’t fit my entire body into the dog bed even though I did curl up myself.

I felt cold.

I tried several times to warm myself until I realized I had to choose between my feet and my head to be laid on the floor.

Every time I tried to have it all and failed, I felt colder.

Finally, I compromised. There is just no way to “have it all” on the dog bed.

Did I try too hard to have it all in my life? Maybe.

Maybe I should have adjusted my desires when my ability and my situation could not match them.

Actually, I didn’t feel as cold as I expected when I left my feet on the floor.

Good things were in my dream.

Surprisingly, I had dreams, good dreams, on the dog bed.

Before that, everything in my dream was like a past-due reminder on my calendar, my wife dancing with another man, me getting fired by my boss, or my friend pointing at my face with a gun.

However, this time, I dreamed of basketball.

I stopped playing basketball due to some personal reasons years ago, but the days on the court are always the best time of my life.

On the dog bed, I made a buzzer-beater, again. I was thankful that I still remember it when I got up.

It was great. For a very long time, I had not seen such a confident, energetic, and happy me.

I promised myself that I must bring the person in my dream back to life.

I couldn’t believe that I’ve learned so much from switching beds with my dogs.

I am happy.

But I felt happier when I saw them getting up late from my bed. Perhaps the human bed is too comfortable for them.

Friends of mine always say my dogs are lucky to be with me. But I think I am the lucky one.

Ph.D., Data Scientist, and Bioinformatician. A true lover of data and basketball. Understanding is the path to eliminating discrimination.

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